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Why should you care about a lone worker app?

By July 6, 2021September 15th, 2021Uncategorized

Employer obligations

As an employer, you have a legal duty and requirement to ensure your staff are safe, secure and are sufficiently equipped with the best tools and panic alarm systems in case of safety or health emergencies on the job.

If you have staff who work in isolation or remotely, there is a far greater need for a method to ensure a constant stream of communication, accountability, and the ability for your team to alert law enforcement in an emergency.

Enter the age of Lone Worker Safety Technology…

What is a Lone Worker?

A staff member is considered a ‘lone worker’ when they work in isolation, work remotely, or work by themselves without direct supervision or support from their work management, security, or fellow employees.

According to the Health and Safety Executive in the UK, a lone worker is simply defined as ‘those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision’

This includes staff members who work alone, work remotely, or in isolation. Does this sound familiar in the current crisis of Covid-19? Essentially, you will need your staff to have the ability to press panic alarms, have their location accurately pinpointed as well as the means to be in constant communication. You cannot afford not to provide your lone workers with the best panic alarm and safety app on the market!

As an Employer, What are Your Legal Obligations?

There are many consequences for an employer who does not provide their staff and lone workers with effective security measures, safety, and panic alarms.

There have been instances in the past where companies have had serious fines, legal proceedings, and damages to their reputation due to the lack of safety procedures and security systems in place for their lone workers. Do not take the chance – secure your staff!

The Solution

We provide state of the art Lone Worker Panic and Safety Alarms.  We can accurately locate and monitor your staff at any location with real-time updates as well as the ability for your employees to press a panic alert in a crisis or emergency.

Once we have received a panic alert or a discreet panic alert, we immediately inform law enforcement and emergency services as well as contact your lone worker. Your lone worker can activate the panic alert or discreet panic alert at any time and from any location. The panic signal is received instantly in our Security Operating Centre and action is taken immediately.

If needed, your employee can trigger the silent alarm or discreet panic alarm easily without detection. By simply using connected Bluetooth and easy to access buttons, the alert will be raised immediately and discreetly.

The safety app also offers a time check-in feature that allows your staff to check-in at any time to signal the start and end of work shifts as well as to confirm that they are safe. The length of time in between check-ins can also be customised to suit your needs to ensure the active monitoring of your staff and safety.

The Power of Technology-enabling Lone Worker Safety

By utilising advanced cloud-based monitoring software, the DSOC Lone Worker Security App allows our security and tactical teams to locate your lone worker at any time on a large map with real-time, 24/7 updates, movements, and activity. We keep your team safe! No need to worry if your workers’ device can access the internet. Our safety app works between all available data and SMS connections. Your lone worker will be accessible, visual, and safe at all times.

The Types of Lone Worker Panic Alarms Available Today

It is most common to see three main types of alarms for lone workers:

  1. Panic buttons which are fixed in one location
  2. Panic alarm app for smartphones, smart devices, and tablets.
  3. A dedicated device which is a standalone panic alarm for lone workers.

However, it is most effective to have a safety app that operates in an easy and simple manner directly from the employees’ smartphone which is easily accessible, always on hand, and highly effective.

Safety App Features

  • GPS & location monitoring.
  • View your staff on a map in real-time.
  • Instant emergency response.
  • Panic alarm & discreet panic alarm.
  • 24/7 executive help desk.
  • Timed sessions.
  • Check-in and missed check-in alerts.
  • Duress PIN.
  • Low phone battery alerts.
  • Man down alerts.

Summary and CTA

It is essential to be confident that your lone worker panic alarms are of the highest quality to ensure the safety of your staff and lone workers. We have spent many years working on lone worker security technology and hardware and have extensive experience in advanced security solutions.

Do you need a free demo? Contact us today for more information, features, costing as well as booking a demo.