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The top 6 CCTV remote monitoring benefits

By July 6, 2021August 6th, 2021Uncategorized

What is CCTV remote monitoring?

If you are concerned about the security of your business premises after working hours, then you should know what CCTV remote monitoring is. CCTV cameras are a great way to prevent unscrupulous criminals from entering without authority.

CCTV remote monitoring only amplifies this ability. It takes the footages that your CCTV cameras are capturing using an internet connection and transfers them to an external monitoring station located remotely. These monitoring stations are designed especially to respond quickly to any suspicious activity, thereby protecting your premises or business from any criminal damage.

CCTV remote monitoring guide

Most services of CCTV remote monitoring for businesses allow you to customize when you want to use the service. For example, after-work monitoring or 24/7 monitoring. Here’s a CCTV remote monitoring guide that lists down the various steps involved in the process:

  • An internet connection transfers the footages from your CCTV cameras to remote screens located in an external monitoring station.
  • When any unusual activity is detected by the CCTV remote monitoring system, the incident will show up on the screen of a security professional. The professional will then manually monitor your space, and manipulate the CCTV cameras by zooming in and out and manoeuvring the system to get the best image possible. This also deters the intruders from escaping the blind spots of the cameras.
  • A loudspeaker communicates with the intruders—something that’s enough for them to flee.
  • The monitoring system calls for emergency services, along with anyone else that you wish to notify about the incident.

Here are the most obvious CCTV remote monitoring benefits:

1. Highly responsive

While other security systems may prove slow to respond to a break-in or an intrusion, CCTV remote monitoring for businesses is a super quick and highly powerful way to ensure security. It can alert the emergency services and any other person within a few minutes of identifying suspicious activities in your business premises.

This rapid response time gives CCTV remote monitoring an edge over other security techniques and increases the chances of criminals and wrong-doers being apprehended.

2. Cost-effective

With CCTV remote monitoring, you can do away with the need for an on-premise security guard and their high salary. While a security guard will have to be present on-site for a couple of hours to ensure effective security, CCTV remote monitoring system can keep an eye on your business premises without having a physical presence.

This system will alarm you about any signs of suspicious movement, allowing a professional at a monitoring centre to take immediate action. You will land up saving a whopping sum of money on security services in the long run.

3. Reliable

Given that the cameras systems CCTV remote monitoring for businesses are controlled by personnel located at a remote monitoring station, the reliability of the footages collected by these systems increases by many folds.

Whenever a break-in takes place, the personnel can get a better view of the scene by the zooming in and out feature of these systems. Also, they can adjust the positions of the cameras to get the best view of the scene possible. The entire mechanism leaves you with proper visual evidence that clearly shows the intruder’s presence in your premises. This can make the identification of the intruder much easier.

4. Reduce thefts and vandalism

The end goal of CCTV remote monitoring for businesses is to decrease the number of theft and vandalism cases.  While thieves and vandals are undoubtedly very bold, most of these perpetrators will not risk being caught and imprisoned.

This is the very reason why the presence of CCTV remote monitoring cameras will prevent them from coming anywhere near your business premises. In cases where thieves and vandals are bold enough to reveal their faces, advanced security monitoring systems will make it easier for you to get justice.

The best party of CCTV remote monitoring is that operators can keep a tab on several areas of your premises at the same time. Also, CCTV cameras allow operators to view areas of your premises from better vantage points that may not be accessible to on-premise guards.

5. Excellent quality

The most noteworthy feature of CCTV remote monitoring systems is their excellent quality of videos and pictures. With this evidence, you can easily detect and find the criminals to press charges.

Since the cameras of CCTV remote monitoring systems are controllable by professionals, you can be sure that they do their job well. Also, these security systems don’t require a break as the on-site security guards. They can run 24 hours and 7 days a week to ensure that your premises are safe and secure always.

6. Convenience

One of the biggest CCTV remote monitoring benefits is the flexibility of these systems. Nobody has to be on the site. The system allows you to view the footage from afar. Since these systems work remotely, you can always keep an eye on your business premise on the go.

All you will need is a stable internet connection. This will allow you to access the image of your remote monitoring system from wherever you are. It is one of the most convenient security investments that businesses can make in today’s era.