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Suspicious male arrested and charged

By September 9, 2021Uncategorized

Suspicious man arrested and charged

Our team monitored an individual walking near to one of our customers’ site. After monitoring the male for a short period of time, staff called the police to report the suspicious behaviour. During the police response the individual began paying particular attention to the JCBs and other equipment on site and was monitored throughout.

Upon police arrival, the male was stopped, searched and found in possession of numerous items, including bolt croppers, a universal JCB key, cutters and gloves. He was subsequently arrested for going equipped to steal and was later charged with this offence and others.

As ever, DSOC handled the police liaison and provided all the evidence required to support the prosecution.

Using behavioural detection techniques to assess and identify this individuals behaviour at an early stage meant that criminal offences were prevented and the individual was caught on site.