Lone Worker Solutions
& Safety App


Effective Lone Worker Alarm Systems to ensure safety
and emergency response to all lone workers and employees
working remotely or in isolation.


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Best Lone Worker Panic Alarm

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to secure your staff at all times and, in particular, workers who are working in isolation or remotely.

We provide easy to use and trusted lone worker protection technology via our Lone Worker Safety App.

Lone worker App Unique features:

  • Panic alerts
  • Discreet panic alerts
  • Live GPS – always visual
  • Smart signal detection
  • Employee check-in features
  • Instant help response

No need to worry about if your workers device can access the internet. Our safety app works between all available data and SMS connections. Your lone worker will always be accessible, visual and safe at all times.

How does our Lone Worker Alarm work?

Through our Lone Worker Security App, we can accurately locate and monitor your staff at any location with real-time updates as well as the ability for your employees to press a panic alert in a crisis or emergency.

We will respond immediately by locating them, alerting our security teams as well as law enforcement and send them instant assistance.

All signals, check-ins and panic alarms are monitored by highly trained and skilled security professionals with instant access to emergency services.

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Easy use and integration:

We have removed the need for a secondary lone worker device by enabling our official lone worker safety app on all smart phone devices.

The app is designed to be simple, easy to use as well as extremely powerful.

Advanced communication technology within the lone worker alarm device allows you to communicate with your entire team quickly at once.

The system also allows for broadcast messaging and communication.

You are also able to stay up to date 24/7 by our phone call notification systems which will provide you with instant call notifications from our security desk with details of any security alert, threat or panic alarm.

You can fulfil your legal obligation with ease knowing that your employees are safely monitored by our lone worker safety app and that they can reach help at anytime should the need arise.

Employee check-in feature

The lone worker alarm has a unique check-in feature which allows a lone worker to check-in at any time to signal the start and end of work shifts as well as to confirm that they are safe. 

Discreet panic alerts

If needed, your lone worker can trigger the silent alarm or discreet panic alarm easily without detection. By simply using connected Bluetooth and easy to access buttons, the alert will be raised immediately and discreetly.

Ensure phone battery is sufficient

Do you need to be able to reach your staff at anytime while they are lone working? Our low battery mode will alert you the moment your employee’s phone battery is running low and you will be able to notify them. 

Always visual

By utilising advanced cloud-based monitoring software, the DSOC lone worker security App allows our security and tactical teams to locate your lone worker at any time on a large map in real time.

Smart signal detection

No need to worry about if your workers device can access the internet. Our safety app works between all available data and SMS connections.

Simple use and integration

Simple to use yet extremely powerful, you will find the lone worker alarm system to be easy to use and extremely reliable. We keep your employees safe!